Natural Dehydrated Ingredients

R&D & Tailor-Made Division

R&D & Tailor-Made Division

SDA offers tailor-made solutions adapted to specific markets and individual customer requirements. Our advanced R&D & Tailor-Made Division enables us to develop new ingredients for the changing and challenging needs of any industry.

Name your ingredient and benefit from our expertise

SDA specializes in the development and production of natural dehydrated ingredients at the highest level of quality required by the most demanding industries.

No matter the industry, whether you need a tailor-made solution, an ingredient to enhance an existing product or that will open doors to new possibilities, we have the vital experience and expertise.

Tailor-made: Get exactly what you need, when you need it, not dependent on existing shelf products. Discover new ingredients; enter new markets with unique products and opportunities.
Competitive products: Gain a competitive edge with high-quality natural dehydrated ingredients that make a difference.

From Seed to Ship to new endeavors: We’ve got you covered

SDA’s hands-on involvement and end-to-end control of the work process, together with our investment in R&D, make us uniquely qualified to offer creative and original solutions that meet our customers’ exact requirements.

Research and development

Israel has one of the highest levels of agricultural production in the world, proudly earning its name as a leader in agri-tech and food-tech. SDA works closely with leading agricultural research institutes in Israel; the Agricultural Research Organization (Volcani Center), and the Hebrew University Faculty of Agriculture, Food, and Environment. We continuously invest in R&D to pioneer new products and innovative growing, harvesting, and processing methods.

As a key provider of natural dehydrated ingredients around the world, SDA is committed to compliance with international standards, while embracing core values of innovation, excellence, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.