Natural Dehydrated Ingredients

Feed Division

Feed Division

With our core values and roots deeply engrained as farmers, SDA is uniquely qualified to offer feed mills, feed additive manufacturers and fellow farmers a range of feed ingredients.
We are committed to uncompromising quality and the highest level of safe and reliable products. SDA customers know that they can trust us to provide natural and healthy dehydrated ingredients that are good for their animals.

Why SDA?

"From farmers to farmers"

We're farmers, just like you. We look up at the sky first thing in the morning and clean the mud off our boots when we come home from work. That's why we know that farmers have enough to do – they don't need the additional worry about whether a delivery will arrive on time, or concerns about quality and standards. Animals can't wait, and neither can feed nor feed ingredients production.

Sustainability: As farmers, we work our fields with a firm commitment to sustainable agriculture and best practices. SDA incorporates dedicated technologies and processes to maintain the balance of nature in agriculture and the environment.

Availability: We provide stable supply and delivery of high-quality products year-round. Optimal climate-controlled storage conditions ensure a clean environment and preserve phyto-chemical stability.

Food Grade standards: SDA's production facilities meet the strictest standards for both human consumption and feed. That's why our high-quality products don't require any additional testing or treatment. Our ingredients can go directly into the feed mixers, or as our customers call it – "Dock to Stock", with no fear of contamination.

Quantity: Since we grow our own crops, we can supply any quantity, guaranteeing a steady supply manufactured under full-cycle and expert supervision.

Tailor Made ingredients: SDA can produce any type of special ingredient and production requirement, even specific phytochemicals that necessitate special treatment and handling. We continuously work to develop innovative and advanced technologies in the field and for our production processes.

R&D: SDA's research and development division has close ties with leading institutes in Israel - the Agricultural Research Organization (Volcani Center), and the renowned Hebrew University Faculty of Agriculture, Food, and Environment. Our combined expertise and knowledge base enable the development of varieties adapted specifically to the needs of our Feed Division customers, for healthy, safe and non-GMO products.

Organic: SDA is one of the pioneers of organic farming in Israel, incorporating advanced organic farming methods and non-pesticide management. One third of our total production is organic; we offer a line of 100% natural organic crops that are non-GMO and free of chemicals, certified by all the leading organic bodies. SDA is the natural choice for your existing and new organic product lines.

Production facilities: With two production sites and fields throughout the diverse climates in the north and south of Israel, we have the operational and geographical flexibility to ensure optimal field and climate conditions for any crop that can be grown in our region.