Natural Dehydrated Ingredients

Our Platform

SDA employs strict policies of strategic management and supervision to maintain full end-to-end control and responsibility for the entire work process. Hands-on involvement from field preparation through sowing, cultivating, harvesting, and the process of cleaning, dehydrating and sieving, ensures a synchronized and reliable process that produces standardized, consistent, high-quality natural dehydrated ingredients according to customer specifications.
SDA delivers reliable products and solutions, with the experience and expertise to adapt to changing and challenging needs.

Seed to Ship

SDA makes sure you get exactly what you need, when you need it. Full-cycle supervision along the ingredient’s lifecycle in a controlled environment from seed to storage ensures stable supply and delivery, with 100% traceability and consistency.
From seed to ship, from our fields to your destination – SDA gives you uncompromising quality and year-round delivery of our natural dehydrated ingredients.


Select seed varieties chosen to achieve the expected yield in the optimal environment, by the customers’ needs.

Field preparation:

Fields located in diverse climates in the north and south of Israel ensure optimal climatic conditions and a range of sowing times. Field preparation is adapted to specific crop and season; pre-sowing soil lab tests ensures optimal soil quality and crop yield.


Finding the perfect balance between the desire to achieve maximal yields and sustainability of the field and the environment.


Our expert agronomists supervise and control the growing process from the field. SDA implements advanced irrigation systems, organic farming methods and strict pesticide control.


Designated harvesting machinery is specially designed by SDA. Our advanced, modern harvesting machinery ensures minimum contact and turnaround from harvesting to processing and is adapted to specific crop requirements.


Fully controlled dehydration process ensures we consistently meet the exact customer specifications. Our oven dehydration has been validated as a kill step.

Processing and sieving:

An advanced system enables diverse sifting and separation processes in a fully controlled process to meet customer specifications.


Packing and transportation methods are fully automated. Finished products are kept and delivered in optimal climate-controlled conditions and in product-specific packaging. Cold storage ensures a clean environment and preserves phyto-chemical properties as well as color and aroma, no matter how far our products have to travel.


Israel has one of the highest levels of agricultural production in the world, proudly earning its name as a leader in agri-tech and food-tech. SDA works closely with leading agricultural research institutes in Israel; the Agricultural Research Organization (Volcani Center), and the Hebrew University Faculty of Agriculture, Food, and Environment. We continuously invest in R&D to pioneer new products and innovative growing, harvesting, and processing methods.