Natural Dehydrated Ingredients

Company Profile

Established in 1987 in Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu located in the spring valley in Israel, SDA is an agricultural pioneer of both organic and conventional natural dehydrated ingredients. We specialize in the development and production at the highest standards required by the most demanding industries.
With fields in diverse climates in the north and south of Israel, SDA products are grown under optimal climatic conditions that enable year-round harvesting. Our hands-on involvement and supervision in all stages of the growing cycle and production ensures full traceability, reliability, repeatability and uncompromising quality, delivering products that maintain unique freshness, flavor, and aroma.
Our customers around the world depend on ‎SDA’s innovative spirit, flexibility, and expertise to meet challenging industry needs and the demands of new trends. We consistently provide reliable products, offer creative and tailor-made solutions, and continually work to support new initiatives. ‎